Horncliffe Village - 2013

A number of projects were carried out by the Trust in the Horncliffe area following receipt of a generous bequest from the Grinham family (named The Capron Legacy) who had long associations with the village.

This legacy facilitated the improvement of several local community buildings. These were :

Horncliffe Village Hall 2013
In 2013, Horncliffe Village Hall were recipients of part of the Capron Legacy. Solar panels were erected on the roof of the Hall, a new biomass boiler was installed and a conservatory was built on the side of the Hall to allow for increased use of the building.
This was completed in 2014.


Horncliffe United Reformed Church 2013
The Capron legacy also contributed towards the internal repainting of this building.


Horncliffe War Memorial 2016

Horncliffe War Memorial was renovated by Berwick Preservation Trust using finance from the Capron Legacy.

Over the years, the sandstone memorial had become very weathered and, in addition to the names becoming difficult to read, the cross on the top had developed a number of cracks and was in danger of falling creating a risk of injury to passers-by. All the names were freshly engraved and re painted and a new cross manufactured from local sandstone. It was pointed out by the stonemason that when memorials were erected 100 years ago, it was often the case that an iron bar was inserted internally to hold the top cross in place. With sandstone being porous, water eventually finds access to the bar and causes it to deteriorate and expand resulting in cracking. The new cross at Horncliffe is held in place with a stainless steel internal bolt to prevent a repeat occurring. This was completed in 2016.

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