Lions House Allotments

The history of the allotments is interesting.

The deeds show that in 1906 the site consisted of a large garden and a small garden (owned by different individuals) which were separated by a rope walk which transversed the full width of the allotments and had a rope factory at one end with the rope store at the other. There was also a house and two icehouses owned by the Berwick Salmon Fisheries Company. In 1921 the deeds show the house having the name of Ravensdowne with the road outside being known as Rotten Row. By the time the property became owned by the Preservation Trust in 1977, the complete site was in one ownership. The Trust took over the site to carry out the restoration of the house which it completed and sold by auction in 1980, retaining ownership of the Lions House Allotments. Ownership of allotments is not really the purpose of the Trust but ensuring that the land was preserved as allotments certainly is. In 2018, the allotment holders formed a charitable company which opened the door to the Preservation Trust to be able to sell the allotments to this new charity and ensure, through a clause in the sale contract, that the site would remain in use as allotment gardens in perpetuity. The Allotments Association now has control over this site which is enjoyed by over 50 allotment holders in addition to the area being frequently admired by those walking the Berwick Walls.

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