Spittal Shelter


Built in 1930, this art deco style building is a typical example of the promenade shelters built in Britain at the time and is one of a reducing number still in use. In 2013, The Trust were approached by local resident to help renovate the Victorian Shelter on Spittal Promenade. However, as part of the ITV programme, Bring Back Borstal, the shelter was repainted.

The work was carried out in memory of local resident, the late Margaret McRitchie Guild who, during her lifetime, worked hard to ensure the shelter was properly maintained.

Since 2014, the elements had again worked their worst on the structure and much of the paintwork had started peeling and the wooden seats rotting. Berwick Preservation Trust was concerned about the state the shelter was deteriorating into and undertook to carry out another refurbishment and repainting so that the shelter could be restored to its full glory. This was completed in 2020.

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