Seats and Ladders around the town                                 2013/2016

Seats around theBerwick Walls 2013
The Elizabethan Berwick Walls are one of the key visitor attractions to the town and one of the best examples of defensive walls in Europe from that era. The state of the seating available for walkers to sit and admire the views had been getting progressively worse and there was difficulty in resolving the funding for their repair and painting. Berwick-upon-Tweed Preservation Trust were pleased to step in and the work was completed before the key visitor season.


Seats on Pier Road 2016
Similarly, the seats along Pier Road leading to the pier and the lighthouse were in disrepair and the Trust stepped in to renovate and repaint these.


Pier Road Ladder Replacement 2016
Over the years, a number of vehicles have gone over the edge of Pier Road and crashed on the rocks below but rescuers had access to them by way of one of four fixed ladders. When the most recent accident happened, the driver of the car had great difficulty in getting back up to the road again and passers-by struggled to help because all the ladders had rotted away and were unavailable for use. This prompted a local resident to ask the Berwick Preservation Trust if they could help organise new ladders to be fitted. Ease of access and speed of rescue is essential to save lives in the case of car occupants, or people being injured especially when the tide is rising. The Trust completed this work in 2016.