The Church of St Cuthbert, Norham


Norham Church is dedicated to St Cuthbert, whose body is said to have rested here on its  journey to Durham in the 9th century. The body of St Ceolwulf (to whom the Venerable Bede’s History of the English Church and People is dedicated) is reputed to be buried somewhere in the churchyard. The original wooden church was built in 840AD.

Norham church moved location to its present site and was constructed out of stone. The architect who designed Norham church also designed Norham castle. The building  took 5 years from 1165 to 1170 to complete with the original stone church looking slightly different to the existing building as it has undergone several restorations and renovations over the years.

It has been described by Simon Jenkins, in England’s Thousand Best Churches, as a mini Durham Cathedral.

In 2021, conservation work began in the old building and the Preservation Trust was asked for financial help towards work required for the front porch - cracks in the gable, open joints and decay to the corner buttresses and colonnettes.

This is an ongoing project.


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